Most Controversial Debate Topics To Win Any Argument

Human interest has been piqued by controversy forever. Human nature dictates that people will always express their opinions on any given subject, engaging in never-ending debate topics and arguments supporting or refuting various points of view, etc. 

The educational establishment used to disapprove of these kinds of assignments. However, with the increasing prevalence of free speech, colleges are pushing students to go beyond the box and draw attention to individuals or causes that defy societal conventions for whatever reason.                 

Though everyone enjoys good debate topics, there are occasions when contentious issues present unique challenges for students, such as the following: Should we employ genetic engineering to improve human abilities? Was it appropriate to launch the atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Should public schools be permitted to offer religious education? Etc.

There are a few approaches you can take to come up with argumentative, solid, good debate topics for your speech, though. You can choose a topic that is really important to you, something humorous that will make others laugh, or a scientific issue that presents several points of view. 

To keep your audience interested in an argument, pick a topic that is both current and fascinating and tie it to relevant facts. Whatever subject you choose, just remember that in order to give a compelling speech, you must be aware of all sides of the controversy. 

Selecting the ideal debate topics can be difficult for pupils because there are so many possibilities available online. As a result, we’ve included a list of more than 100 fascinating and contentious subjects in our extensive guide for you to choose from.  Select the one that piques your attention and one your supervisor might find intriguing. 

Defining The Controversial Debate Topics 

Controversial debate topics entail the writing of opinions that concern something that can be considered a subject of debate, and on the side of one is either supporting or opposing the matter. You will also need to support your viewpoint with factual information and research that you have done on each topic as well. 

Moreover, once you have chosen a specific topic, it is advisable to have some knowledge or interest in it. So that when you are doing your research, you are not bored and will not become lethargic. Now, let us turn to properly selecting the topic for your given type of essay or a debate.


How To Select Authentic Debate Topics On Controversy? 

As noted, students find it difficult to choose among the numerous contentious debate topics. As a result, we have decided to help you in this situation through our educational blog. 

Whichever argumentative, interesting debate topics you decide on, conduct a thorough investigation, use the most recent data and references, and smoothly integrate all of these into the essay’s body to present a convincing case. The steps you need to consider when choosing the appropriate themes are listed below. 

  • Look For Your Interests: 


Finding good debate topics that fascinate you or that you are enthusiastic about is the first step in selecting an excellent argumentative essay topic. This will maintain your interest as you conduct your study and write. 


  • Learn About The Audience: 

Next, try to determine your intended audience. Tailor your language and mannerisms to their emotional and cultural sensitivity.


  • Do Thorough Research:

Seek debate topics with an abundance of reliable sources and materials. Reliable data can be found in academic journals and databases. 

  • Create Balance Between Emotions & Objectivity:

While enthusiasm is crucial, be sure you can talk about the subject objectively without allowing your feelings to influence your decisions. 

  • Choose A Perfect Debatable Topic:

Finally, but just as importantly, confirm that the subject you have chosen is debatable from several angles. It shouldn’t be biassed and should have a strong pull to keep the audience interested. 


Controversial Research Topics For Debate In 2024 

  • Is it appropriate for abortion to be legalised?
  • Can fossil fuels be successfully replaced by alternative energy?
  • Should the United States adopt socialism?
  • Should science classrooms teach animal dissection to K–12 students?
  • Is utilising animals in research or for profit ethically acceptable or unethical? Elucidate both sides
  • How beneficial is artificial intelligence to society?
  • Do people contribute to global climate change?
  • Does the death penalty work?
  • Are elections in the United States fair?
  • Is torture ever justified? 

Audience Gaining Debate Topics 

If your college holds a debating tournament and you want to enter and win first place, these are some hot-button issues that are currently being debated.

  • Should male employees be granted paternity leave?
  • Are uniforms for schools a good idea?
  • Is the tax system in the UK equitable?
  • Are teenagers kept out of trouble by curfews?
  • Is it too much to cheat?
  • Do we rely too much on computers?
  • Do studies on animals need to be conducted?
  • Is it time to outlaw smoking cigarettes?
  • Are smartphones hazardous?
  • Do cameras used by police enforcement violate people’s privacy?
  • Is this a disposable society?
  • Does today’s child behaviour resemble that of the past few years?
  • Should businesses target youngsters with their marketing?
  • Can the government influence what we eat? 
  • Does having access to condoms stop teenage pregnancies?
  • Should Congressmen’s terms be limited?
  • Do professional athletes and actresses get paid too much?
  • Are CEO salaries excessive?
  • Should athletes adhere to strict moral guidelines?
  • Do violent video games lead to issues with behaviour?
  • Should public schools teach creationism? 

Debate Topics On Controversy On Social Media 


 Let’s look up some contentious social media subjects:

  • Social media is only a productivity detriment.
  • Making friends on social media: is it safe?
  • Social media encourages security lapses.
  • Our egotistical side is coming out on social media.
  • Fame on social media is ruining the traditional lifestyle.
  • Life would cease to exist without social media.
  • Social media spreads rumours and false information.

Debate Topics On Politics

Look at the most contentious political issues nowadays.

  • The decision to go to war is political.
  • Primary health care ought to be provided without charge.
  • Revolutions are necessary for society.
  • Nothing can prevent societal corruption.
  • Lowering the voting age is necessary.
  • The government should allocate more funding to end poverty.
  • Do religious movements instigate hostilities?
  • It’s common for celebrities to have failed political careers.
  • The current operating environment of the system has grown too corrupt.
  • Politics is always seen as a “dirty” game.
  • Perhaps David Cameron would make a better Prime Minister. 


Top Trending Debate Topics On Controversy 

These are a few popular debate topics for argumentative essays.

  • Concerns about privacy between parents and children.
  • In practice, animal rights are ineffective.
  • TV shows badly impact our mental health.
  • Electronic device use by children should be prohibited.
  • Youth education needs to equip them for the future.
  • Bullying among students is something that teachers should prevent.
  • Do women and men perform differently at work?
  • Does the outcome of your vote matter?
  • The specifics of studying overseas.
  • Playing the lotto is a useless activity.
  • Self-care may be superior to medical care at a hospital.
  • Overconsumption of water can lead to obesity.
  • In a relationship, the age difference is completely irrelevant.
  • Is the means justified by the end?
  • Should citizenship be granted based on birthplace?
  • Are apocalyptic films really necessary?
  • Beauty pageants ought to be outlawed since they are demeaning.
  • Will cash become obsolete with the times?
  • Are we living in the hardest of times?
  • Teens need their own online personal counsellors.
  • Gender parity is an unattainable goal.


Here are the best argument debate topics on art:

  • Should we pay more attention to films directed by women?
  • Is it improper to make fun of religion?
  • How far can we allow satire to go?
  • Is it appropriate to demolish sculptures of slave owners?
  • What would make an artwork inappropriate?
  • Should certain places be allowed for graffiti?
  • Is it possible to separate the work of art from the artist?
  • Talk about Leni Riefenstahl’s influence.
  • When is it appropriate to censor?

Historical Debate Topics 


  • We also provide some of the all time best debate topics in history.
  • To what extent does slavery still impact African Americans at the present time?
  • On the face of it, is it okay to colonise?
  • Should Stalin be credited for the Soviet achievements while the Great Purge was happening?
  • Was the USA able to remain neutral at the time of the second world war?
  • Whether the Vietnam War was necessary or not remains a huge controversy to this very day.
  • Some people hold the opinion that Martin Luther King Jr. ’s “I Have a Dream” speech altered history.
  • Should Germany be investigating the Nazi guards who managed those death camps eighty years ago?
  • The struggle for women’s voting rights thus provided the basis for the advocacy of their rights.
  • Is the civil rights movement only a valuable opportunity for making changes for the better in society?
  • The main reason for the occurrence of the Civil War was slavery.
  • The world today is still feeling the loss of the national tragedy of the holocaust.
  • The main causes of the French Revolution and its positive results.



  • When is lying acceptable?
  • Is it wrong to have pets at home?
  • Should zoos be prohibited by law?
  • Is torture ever justifiable?
  • Talk about Western conceptions of beauty.
  • Deal with any problems that come up when you donate to and serve charities.
  • Is neutrality ever completely attainable?
  • What is the history of human existence?
  • Recognition within a community of one’s cultural identity.
  • Is it your responsibility to prevent harm from occurring?
  • Question: Is Anti-Nationalism Moral?
  • Why was slavery, despite its immorality, allowed for such a long time?
  • Is there honour in a crime?
  • Does cancelling culture have a moral case?
  • If you don’t like a gift, how should you use it?
  • When selecting a career, take moral factors into account.
  • Would society benefit from the legalisation of prostitution?
  • Online bullying is a problem for college students.
  • Is it appropriate for people to adopt children from different ethnic backgrounds?



We hope that this guide will help you find a relevant, controversial debate topic you can discuss. It could be anything important to you personally, as when you debate something you are passionate about, you enjoy it, and it does feel nice to get at least some people to agree with your point of view, doesn’t it? 


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