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We give our customers the opportunity to appeal for 100% reimbursement if the below-mentioned scenarios are met. In case the request doesn’t match the situations given below, you can request an appeal from our customer support department.

Not Satisfied With Revisions

After the customer’s order completes, it goes to the quality check department that matches the requirements with the work done.
  • Work is then sent to the customer when the quality review is complete.
  • The customer has the right to appeal for revisions in their work.
  • The number of revisions the customer can ask for is unlimited within the scope.
  • A complete reimbursement is available in cases when the customer is not satisfied even after appealing for multiple revisions.

Failure To Meet The Deadline

The time delivery difference is calculated in every case separately. The amount compensated for the long term orders is 7%. The customer cannot be compensated if the delay was,
  • If the customer’;s actions are the reasons for the delay, this describes situations where there is a delay in payment from the customer’s end, delay in providing the necessary resources, and other requirements to complete the order.
  • If the delay was because of technical difficulties from the customer’s end, that is the failure of internet service providers or lag in internet connectivity and any other technical issue that delays the process.
  • The permission of deadline extension from the customer does not count in delay from our end. This means that the customer is willing to allow us to put more time into their work to bring better results.

Poor Quality 

In case of poor quality and not meeting the deliverables, the customer can appeal form a reimbursement of the amount they paid. However, before this happens, a customer support team is deployed to get details about the issue. The customer is required to send in detailed feedback indicating the mismatch between the final product and the order requirements.
  • The amount of compensation shall not increase by more than 70% in the case of poor quality, and revisions have been requested. This is because a revision request states that the customer is partially satisfied with their order and needs minor amendments to work.
  • A report is required in case the customer appealed for a reimbursement. Any other form of plagiarism report will not be entertained in case of reimbursement.
  • The investigation will not be conducted for poor quality complaint reimbursement if the claim is contextual and the refund is requested for editing, proofreading, or formatting.

Refund Processing

If the customer’s case is approved, the company will start the refund processing request within 5 business days from the confirmation date. Please note that any issues that occur from the banking side, the company will not be responsible for the delay. 
The processing of the refund transaction may occur an amount on the customer’s end. In a case where the transaction amount is small – it cannot be processed since it barely covers the transaction fee for the bank and the client.
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