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Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics 2024 to 2025

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Children’s health nursing is a swiftly evolving and dynamic field of research. As the number of kids with complicated health problems grows, the significance of offering world-class treatment to these patients also grows. Many nursing students nowadays concentrate on discovering engaging child nursing dissertation topics, as they are the backbone of any research. 

Some students even look for professional dissertation writing service providers to help them brainstorm outstanding topics to impress their professors. But you don’t need to rush to a nursing dissertation help as this piece contains a lot of marvellous child health nursing topics.

In this piece, we will shed light on a few core ideas in child nursing research from an academic point of view. It means you no longer have to stress over your dissertation because we comprehend how hard it is to craft a nursing research paper before the deadline.

Therefore, we are here to help you with some original child health nursing research topics so that you can choose one from them. So let’s get started:

Latest Child Nursing Research Topics 

Are you looking for some compelling child nursing dissertation topics? If yes, then we can help you. Our team of nursing experts has brainstormed a list of exciting topics for you to choose for your research. Experts Dissertation can also help you write your research proposal, abstract, and whole dissertation and proofread, edit, and format your document. As for now, enjoy this list of the latest topics for child nursing dissertations.

  • Case study of an ECHC (early childhood health centre) in a village
  • The sensitivity of child doctors to the requirements of feeding kids
  • The role of the CHW (community health worker) in public health development and disease prevention activities
  • How communication skills enhance the outreach program for ladies, newborns, and kids (WIC) participants
  • The impacts of child health nursing on kids’ life quality with a particular learning disability
  • The impact of a high-sodium diet on kids’ health
  • The effects of lack of sleep on kids’ wellbeing
  • Nursing treatment of newborns and kids with disabilities
  • Nursing treatment of kids with chronic medical disorders
  • Long-term care nursing: research on prevalence, hazards, and management tactics for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
  • Kids’ health nursing: research on readiness for pediatric medical emergencies in a disaster preparedness centre

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Engaging Child Nursing Topics

One of the most significant things that nursing professionals can do for kids with complicated medical disorders is offer nursing care. Nursing care aids children in recovering from their diseases, injuries, and illnesses. Hospitals train nurses to identify symptoms of disease in their patients and then offer them better care.

However, child nursing care is different as it requires extra care and attention. If you are looking for top child health nursing research topics, then don’t skip this section. We have made a list of some cool topics.

  • The influence of poverty on kids’ well-being
  • The impact of child abuse on kids’ well-being
  • The connection between social class and kids’ well-being
  • The bond between family size and kids’ well-being
  • How genes and kids’ well-being work with each other
  • The importance of ecological aspects on kids’ well-being
  • How parental behaviour impacts kids’ Well-being
  • The influence of parental smoking on kids’ well-being
  • The impact of family structure on kids’ well-being outcomes
  • How various parenting approaches lead to multiple outcomes on kids’ well-being
  • Long-term implications of socioeconomic status on kids’ well-being
  • The results of inferior academics of caretakers on kids’ well-being
  • The effect of bedtime on young kids’ sleep quality and attitude: A qualitative research
  • The effects of inferior diet on the health of young children: A systematic analysis
  • The hazard of passive smoking on kids’ well-being in the first five years of life: A systematic analysis and meta-assessment
  • The impact of maternal nutritional status on kids’ well-being in childhood and adulthood: an evidence update
  • The repercussion of infant formula use on newborn’s wellness outcomes: a systematic analysis
  • Neonatal and children’s treatment
  • Kids’ disorders and ailments in children
  • Obesity in kids and childhood food
  • Emotional well-being and developmental issues in kids
  • Childhood emergency care (such as airway management)

Rare Child Nursing Research Topics

Nursing care involves looking after a kid’s physical situation after infection, injury, or disorder, aiding them to eat, offering them medicines if required, liquids through feeding tubes, and giving emotional support. That is why child nursing is inspiring to work on for a dissertation project. So here are some unique child nursing research topics.

  • Maternal-infant treatment and mental health nursing
  • Newborn behavioral health nursing
  • Pediatric oncology nursing
  • Efficient health care for newborns, kids, and adults
  • Female health nursing in labour and postpartum
  • Creating a community-based methodology of primary care for kids and their caretakers
  • Evidence-based practice in the offering of long-term treatment for kids, adults, and their caretakers
  • Evidence-based practice in the offering of primary care to kids, adults, and their caretakers
  • Research on the influence of parental tension on the health status of kids
  • Childhood obesity: an investigative research
  • Childhood trauma: an explorative study
  • Child abuse, mistreatment, and domestic violence: research on its relationship with emotional health issues among kids and adults
  • Adult Caregiving: A Nursing Outlook
  • Dealing with childhood cancer: A nursing perspective
  • Childhood obesity: A definitive research
  • The impact of chronic disease on kids and adults
  • The impacts of child abuse on the kid and family
  • The impact of a child health nurse’s personal experiences on the treatment of children with asthma
  • The efficiency of family-centered treatment for kids with asthma
  • Influence of group therapy for kids with asthma
  • Can homecare help treat childhood asthma
  • Parent training plans in increasing awareness for childhood diseases


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Rare Child Nursing Research Ideas

If you don’t like any of the above-mentioned topics and are looking for some rare child nursing dissertation topics then this section is for you. It is entirely perfect to choose topics that people have already researched, but you may still leave a good impression on your professors by filling in the gaps. So here are some rare child nursing research topic ideas for you to choose from:

  • The Adapting Role of the Nurse in the Child care ward
  • The Influence of low-cost dental treatment on Kids’ oral health
  • The usefulness of a standardised analysis tool for nurses to examine kids’ health outcomes
  • How technology helps nurses communicate and collaborate with parents about their kid’s illness
  • The influence of parental anxiety on kid’s sleep quality
  • Importance of child nursing knowledge for all nurses
  • Compare Hospital and homecare treatment for child nursing
  • The downsides of homecare in child nursing
  • What issues do child nurses face during working hours
  • The agreements to make kids’ wards pandemic-safe
  • The significance of emotional assistance in child nursing
  • The connection between human psychology and child nursing
  • The importance of psychological knowledge for nurses to treat their patients well

Common Child Health Nursing Research Ideas

Here are some more child health nursing dissertation topics for you to select for your dissertation.

  • Why parents and caretakers should have an awareness of child nursing
  • The short and long-term Impacts of antibiotics on kids’ well-being
  • The importance of a fitting atmosphere in a kid’s health recovery
  • Why communication is critical in child nursing: A comparative research
  • Initial diagnosis and care for ADHD in kids
  • The ideal methods to decrease anxiety in kids for child nurses
  • How kids nurses manage high anxiety levels


We craft this piece to offer you a variety of child nursing dissertation topics to make things convenient for you. After extensive research, our team has brainstormed some fantastic ideas for your nursing dissertation. It means you don’t need to consult professional nursing dissertation help to seek an impressive topic for your research paper. 

So, choose a topic from our blog and start writing a fantastic dissertation that aligns with your interests and can help you get higher marks in your exam.


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