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Our Approach To Web Tracking Technologies

At Experts Dissertation, we believe in transparency and providing clear information to our valued customers and visitors. This document outlines our policies regarding the use of tracking tools like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. It is essential to note that these technologies may be applied across our websites, apps, and other connected platforms.

The policies detailed here not only govern our use of these tracking technologies but also extend to our associates, contractors, and vendors, who act as authorised agents in their utilisation.

For those curious about the intricacies of how we employ these tracking technologies, we have provided detailed explanations within this document.
The primary aim of sharing this information is to ensure that all our clients, visitors, and readers have a clear understanding of how their information is utilised.

We recommend reading our terms of use and privacy policy pages for a comprehensive overview. Should you have any questions, our 24/7 customer support team is readily available to address any queries you may have.


When you explore most websites, small files, commonly known as cookies, are placed on your device. Cookies impact devices like tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other connected devices.

These files, installed by us and other entities, serve to gather information about your website usage and enhance your browsing experience by remembering repeat visitors. Continue reading for further insights.

When you visit numerous websites, including Experts Dissertation, small temporary files named cookies are stored on your device. These cookies are applicable to various devices, including tablets, phones, laptops, desktop computers, and other connected devices.

Most websites, including ours, utilise cookies to collect information about your tool usage and website navigation, aiming to enhance the experience for frequent visitors. Keep reading for more details.

We retain the right to engage with third-party providers for various functions, including but not limited to:

Cookies: Different Types And Uses

These third parties operate as our authorised agents and may employ cookies, beacons, and similar technologies in a manner consistent with our practices. These technologies may collect data on your device, including IP addresses and other relevant information. By consenting to the use of our cookies, you are presumed to consent to the use of third-party cookies.
It is essential to note that these third parties, serving as our authorised agents, may utilise beacons, cookies, and tracking technologies in alignment with our practices. These technologies may gather data about your device, such as your IP address and other pertinent details. Consent to third-party cookies is implicit when consenting to the use of our cookies.
For details on blocking and clearing cookies, please refer to the links provided below, tailored to the most commonly used browsers:
While you have the option to delete and block cookies, it’s important to recognize their significance for an optimal user experience on many websites, including Experts Dissertation. Blocking cookies may hinder the proper functioning of certain websites. Additionally, note that deleting cookies and clearing your cache does not permanently block cookies; they will be downloaded and stored again during your subsequent website visits.

Your Agreement To Cookies And Related Technologies

For our website to work smoothly and to tailor advertisements and content to your interests, we rely on the use of cookies. By using our website, application, messenger tools, or contacting us in any manner, you automatically grant us permission to use web beacons, cookies, and other tracking technologies. If you wish to withdraw this consent, you can adjust your browser settings to clear the cache, delete cookies, and block them for future use.
It’s common for websites using cookies to request certain personal information, typically your contact details. Some sites may inquire about your personal preferences. When you input and submit such details, they are stored on your device. Upon your return to the same website, the stored cookie is retrieved, allowing the website to recognize you. Cookies are dynamically updated based on your activity on the website, ensuring a personalised experience.

Our Use Of Web Beacons, Cookies, And Tracking Technologies

The technologies and files we’ve discussed serve various purposes, primarily ensuring our online services and websites function as intended. They also contribute to additional functionalities, enhancing the overall user experience.
Certain cookies and beacons are essential for the proper functioning of our websites. They enable you to view orders, access your accounts, and navigate the site effectively. These cookies don’t store personal information, and if you block them, the website may not operate fully, and pages might fail to load. Additionally, certain security mechanisms rely on these cookies to function.
As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement, we may introduce performance cookies. These cookies track your interactions with our website and services, providing data to enhance the operation and functionality of all our web pages. Importantly, performance cookies do not include personal data or records. Accepting these cookies is crucial for a seamless website experience without any inconvenience. Without them, you might encounter security issues and other errors.
To safeguard all the information provided by our customers, we adhere to stringent privacy policies:
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