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Expert Politics Dissertation Topics

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Writing a dissertation on politics is a demanding task but finding a suitable topic is even more gruelling. You get exhausted trying to come up with an informative yet engaging politics dissertation topic to conduct your research. After all, politics is a wide subject and you need to pick a topic with a strong foundation and significance in the practical field.

But fret not as Expert Dissertation is here to save your day. We write result-oriented dissertations on all subjects including politics and find distinctive yet powerful topics for research. Our team of research experts knows the rules and the boundaries used to pick a stellar research topic in different domains of politics. 

Furthermore, we have suggested topics to thousands of students which not only got approved on the first go but also led to exemplary dissertations. The reasons for our success are extensive research, diligence, and dedication. 

Moreover, our academic writers put in hours searching for research topics that nobody has ever used. If you think this topic hunting is daunting, you should hire a first-class academic writing service like Expert Dissertation to find a politics dissertation topic for you. 

If you are still hesitant to hire such services, keep reading this blog to find some exciting topics that you can choose for your politics dissertation. These are the topics our qualified experts have picked for you to minimize your academic distress. As world politics keeps evolving, we have focused on topics that are dominating the news in 2024.

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Let’s get started:

Latest Politics Dissertation Topics to Help You Ace Your Exam

Expert Dissertation has always helped students craft a well-researched dissertation to get their degree with distinction. And, we have created this piece of content for that same reason.

We felt that many political sciences students get overwhelmed and clueless by the questions that face them before writing a dissertation — first and foremost what should be their politics dissertation topic?

So, we consulted several subdomains of politics to generate a list of 50+ impactful topics. You can choose any unique topic from this list for your politics dissertation but it’s better to pick the one that’s trending these days. So let’s explore them together:

Good Comparative Politics Dissertation Topics 

As the name implies, comparative politics is the critical assessment of the government systems in multiple countries. Also known as comparative government, this discipline of political science comprises two research methods — the empirical method and the comparative method. 

Moreover, the topics included in this branch are primarily relevant to the influence and running of political institutions and their disputes on various components of politics. So, if you are looking for a cool topic in this sub-discipline, keep reading this section. 

Here are some ideas for picking a good comparative politics dissertation topic.

  • A summary of Mill’s method of Difference
  • A qualitative assessment of the variation between comparative government and comparative politics
  • Essential methodologies for the study of comparative politics 
  • Regime change and democratization — comparative politics instances in the US and UK
  • An overview of various approaches to studying comparative politics
  • Impact of media on the political situation of nations (instances of first-world countries)
  • A thorough study of parliamentary vs presidential democracy
  • Explanation of the difference between the foreign policies in European countries and the UK
  • A research-based case study on the voting behavior of the US and UK population

Hottest Politics Dissertation Topics on International Relations

International Relations is also known as Global Studies, International Affairs, Global Affairs, or International Studies. It refers to a country’s relations with other countries around the globe. The relationship between two nations usually relies on the financial and political situations as well as the laws imposed. The start of 2024 saw multiple gradual political changes, and thus, writing a dissertation on current global affairs will aid you in getting the attention of the professor. If you are wondering what topic to choose, here are some latest ones:

  • Explain the IMF (International Monetary Fund) structure
  • How has the UK’s relations with European nations impacted the country’s financial situation?
  • Influence of Brexit on international relations
  • Is China a huge danger to the United Kingdom? Write your perspective
  • The efficacy of globalization in the last ten years (give some examples)
  • Regulations that the British government should implement on international arms dealing
  • A review of British overseas territories
  • UK’s foreign policies and their success rate

Latest Politics Dissertation Topics on Political Economy.

Economy and politics are closely associated which is the main idea behind the field of political economy. There are multiple topics you can choose to perform your research and write a dissertation on political economy.

  • How has Britain’s government revived the economy in the last 10 years
  • Significant actions implemented by the UK government in combatting corruption
  • Role of political problems in modifying the dynamics of the world economy
  • Precautionary steps taken by the British government in combatting the financial crisis
  • Importance of technology in modifying the scenario of the world economy
  • Is Brexit a positive step? Tell us what you think
  • Underline the good and bad of an economic alliance
  • Conservative government vs labor government: Whose strategies are better?
  • The government of the United Kingdom should apply a few urgent amendments in the law-making process. Support with arguments.

Newest Politics Dissertation Topics Relevant to Political Philosophy.

Political philosophy is also called political theory. The subject involves several arguments pertinent to political opinion. If it is your field, you can select a topic from the below-mentioned ideas that we have compiled after our research.

  • A study that discusses and compares the history of different political thoughts
  • A rundown of the Islamic political revolution in the Arab world
  • Names of leading political philosophers who offered new perspectives to the political theories
  • Explain the ideas presented by Aristotle regarding the running of the government
  • Discuss some justice and liberty issues faced by the UK government.
  • Influence of society and culture on the political environment of Britain
  • Significant traits of John Austin’s theory and its findings from the past
  • A short evaluation of the philosophies presented by Plato
  • Discuss the ideas of Jean Bodin on sovereignty

Politics Dissertation Topics Regarding Conflicts

This subject deals with the incapacity of a state because of problems pertinent to interstate wars, terrorism, rebellion, protests, repression of the government, and more. The experts think that the selection of topics becomes a challenging job for the pupils as results relevant to these topics are often unavailable.

We should keep in mind that a topic without reasonings to defend is like a body without a mind. So, a student should select a research-based topic. Some latest political conflict dissertation topics are mentioned below:

  • Shed light on the state-backed repression in Syria
  • The reasons and impacts of the Civil War
  • Role of the United Kingdom in the conflict erupting in Syria
  • Efficient conflict resolution approaches in regards to Britain
  • Investigation of Iran’s Oil Dispute
  • Recognition of powerful negotiation approaches during wartime (regarding the existing political framework)
  • What are the replacement approaches for conflict resolution? Elucidate with examples. 
  • How to execute negotiations for the captives in foreign countries?
  • Discuss the mediation hearing preparation process

You are now well equipped with unique politics dissertation topics relevant to various fields of research but that is not all. We have a panel of expert dissertation writers who have curated a list of some of the most useful topics that are right now the most popular among scholars. Without further ado, let’s check them out:

Leading Ten Politics Dissertation Topics to Earn Higher Marks

Do you still feel unsure about what topic to choose for your politics dissertation? Don’t worry as we have another list of top ten politics dissertation topics to achieve higher marks. Let’s check it out:

  • Significance of foreign labour for the growth of a country 
  • What are the essential alterations carried out by the United States in their foreign policy after the September Eleven attack?
  • Ideal methods for executing a political campaign successfully
  • A study on Marxism. Describe using popular illustrations
  • Should we use religion to run a state? Analytical research against the hypothesis
  • An evaluation of spatial modeling regarding the existing political scenario
  • Iran VS US: How the United Kingdom will endure the troubling political dispute?
  • Purpose of game theory in making significant political decisions
  • Dictatorship vs Democracy: Which one is better?
  • Should global leaders use social media?


So, those were the trendy yet useful politics dissertation topics that you can choose to write your research paper. We hope you have liked our piece and will take help from it to pick a topic for your research. If you are still unsure or so many topics have overwhelmed you, contact our team of professional academic writers to select a topic for you. As they have been doing so for many years, they are well-suited to pick a politics dissertation topic that nobody has chosen until now. Don’t wait around wasting your time and call our sales team now to get your order placed!


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