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Nursing Dissertation Topics 2024-2025

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It may surprise you to learn that, similar to medicine, the discipline of nursing dissertation topics has a wide range of applications and excellent research opportunities. However, because this field of study is so broad and has numerous overlapping subfields, many students struggle to narrow down their options and come up with the ideal nursing dissertation writing.

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Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Exploring the Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Managing Anxiety Disorders among Adolescents

To investigate the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in reducing anxiety symptoms among adolescent patients in mental health care settings.

  • To assess the baseline levels of anxiety symptoms among adolescent participants.
  • To implement a structured cognitive behavioural therapy program tailored for adolescents.
  • To measure changes in anxiety symptom severity pre- and post-intervention.

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Examining the Role of Psychiatric Nurses in Suicide Prevention: Strategies and Challenges

To evaluate the role of psychiatric nurses in suicide prevention efforts and identify effective strategies for intervention and support.

  • To review the existing literature on the involvement of psychiatric nurses in suicide prevention.
  • To assess the knowledge, attitudes, and preparedness of psychiatric nurses regarding suicide prevention practices.

Understanding the Impact of Therapeutic Communication in Psychiatric Nursing Practice

To examine the influence of therapeutic communication techniques on patient outcomes and nurse-patient relationships in psychiatric nursing practice.

  • To review theoretical frameworks and models of therapeutic communication in psychiatric nursing.
  • To explore the perceptions and experiences of psychiatric nurses regarding the use of therapeutic communication techniques in their practice.

Child Nursing Dissertation Topics

Enhancing Parent-Child Communication in Pediatric Care: Strategies for Pediatric Nurses

To investigate effective strategies for paediatric nurses to facilitate communication between parents and children in healthcare settings.

  • To explore the importance of parent-child communication in paediatric healthcare contexts.
  • To identify common barriers to effective communication between parents and children during healthcare encounters.
  • To assess the effectiveness of these strategies in enhancing parent-child communication and satisfaction with care.

Examining the Impact of Family-Centred Care on Pediatric Patient Outcomes

To examine the influence of family-centred care approaches on paediatric patient outcomes and family satisfaction in healthcare settings.

  • To review the theoretical foundations and principles of family-centred care in paediatric nursing practice.
  • To assess the current implementation of family-centred care practices in paediatric healthcare settings.

Addressing Mental Health Needs in Pediatric Patients: Role of Pediatric Nurses

To investigate the role of paediatric nurses in addressing mental health needs and promoting psychosocial well-being among paediatric patients.

  • To review the prevalence and impact of mental health disorders in paediatric populations.
  • To examine the current practices and protocols for assessing and addressing mental health needs in paediatric healthcare settings.


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Improving Pain Management Practices in Pediatric Nursing: Evidence-Based Approaches


To evaluate evidence-based approaches for paediatric pain management and assess their implementation in clinical practice by paediatric nurses.


  • To review the current evidence base for paediatric pain management strategies, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.
  • To assess the adherence to evidence-based guidelines for paediatric pain management among paediatric nursing staff.

Health Care Dissertation Topics

Assessing the Impact of Telehealth on Healthcare Access and Patient Outcomes


To evaluate the effectiveness of telehealth interventions in improving healthcare access and patient outcomes across various healthcare settings.


  • To review the current literature on the utilisation of telehealth in healthcare delivery.
  • To assess the accessibility and acceptability of telehealth services among different patient populations.
  • To measure the impact of telehealth interventions on healthcare utilisation, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes.
  • To identify barriers and facilitators to the implementation and adoption of telehealth technologies in healthcare organisations.
  • To develop recommendations for optimising telehealth programs to enhance healthcare access and quality of care.

Exploring Health Inequities and Social Determinants of Health: Implications for Healthcare Policy and Practice


To examine the role of social determinants of health in shaping health inequities and disparities and their implications for healthcare policy and practice.


  • To review the literature on the social determinants of health and their impact on health outcomes and healthcare access.
  • To assess the prevalence and distribution of health inequities among different population groups

Enhancing Patient Safety Culture in Healthcare Organizations: Strategies for Improvement


To evaluate strategies for fostering a culture of patient safety in healthcare organisations and reducing adverse events and medical errors.


  • To review theoretical frameworks and models of patient safety culture in healthcare.
  • To assess the current patient safety culture within healthcare organisations using validated assessment tools.

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Exploring Emergency Nurses’ Experiences and Coping Strategies in High-Stress Environments


To investigate the experiences of emergency nurses working in high-stress environments and identify effective coping strategies to mitigate stress and burnout.


  • To explore the nature and sources of stress experienced by emergency nurses during their work shifts.
  • To identify individual and organisational factors contributing to stress and burnout among emergency nursing staff.

Evaluating the Efficacy of Simulation Training in Emergency Nursing Education


To assess the effectiveness of simulation-based training in preparing emergency nursing students and practitioners for real-life clinical scenarios and emergencies.


  • To review the literature on simulation-based training methods in emergency nursing education.
  • To assess the impact of simulation training on learners’ knowledge acquisition, clinical skills development, and confidence levels.

Addressing Ethical Dilemmas in Emergency Nursing Practice: Strategies for Ethical Decision-Making


To explore ethical dilemmas encountered by emergency nurses in clinical practice and develop strategies for ethical decision-making in emergency care settings.


  • To identify common ethical dilemmas faced by emergency nurses, such as resource allocation, end-of-life care, and confidentiality.
  • To review ethical principles and frameworks relevant to emergency nursing practice, such as autonomy, beneficence, and justice.

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Here we have various Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Early Mobilization Protocols in Critical Care Nursing: Impact on Patient Outcomes


To assess the impact of early mobilisation protocols on patient outcomes in critical care settings and identify strategies for optimising their implementation.


  • To review the literature on the benefits and challenges of early mobilisation in critical care patients.
  • To assess the current practices and protocols for early mobilisation in critical care nursing.

Enhancing Patient Safety in Critical Care Nursing: Strategies for Preventing and Managing Adverse Events


To develop strategies for improving patient safety in critical care nursing by preventing and managing adverse events and complications.


  • To review the literature on patient safety issues in critical care nursing, including common adverse events and complications.
  • To assess the current practices and protocols for patient safety monitoring and risk assessment in critical care units.
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