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Finance MBA Dissertation Topics 2024-2025 Modified Just for You!

Date Modified June 08 2024 by Liona Mark

The MBA dissertation is the last step of your academic career and the first step of your business career. And your MBA finance thesis ideas are the element of your resume that really illustrates the years of hard work you put into your MBA. That is, it should never be compromised. Especially for you, our doctoral dissertation essayists have compiled a free and personalized list of the unsurpassed MBA finance dissertation topics. Let’s take a look and gather some ideas for the best MBA Dissertation Help Online UK.

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  • How are UK banks managing money assets during the global pandemic?
  • In the current setting, an assessment of the relationship between “Global Domestic Product Growth” and “Human Development Index Growth”.
  • Compare investing in mutual funds with buying stocks.
  • The impact of macroeconomic variables on aggregate UK GDP
  • Bonds vs. Bonds. Stocks – Comparison of two safe investment options
  • A case study of Jordan Belfort’s famous Wall Street penny stock scandal.
  • Examine how other business models have weathered the global economic downturn and what made them resilient to these downturns.
  • Research comparing financial risk management of the London Stock Exchange with New York Stock Exchange.
  • Assess the implications of a change in an individual’s credit rating on return on equity.
  • A study of United States foreign debt management, focusing on the nation’s $6.78 billion foreign debt.

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When should I start looking for MBA economics thesis topics?

As soon as possible. Some students start researching and reviewing their MBA funding thesis topics before starting their MBA degree. Because this is something that requires a lot of time and research. And this can negatively affect the entire dissertation timeline.

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What are some of the other things that I need to keep in mind when searching for the best finance dissertation topic?

Some of the pointers to keep in mind when you are searching for your perfect dissertation topic are:

  • The topic must be interesting and catch the reader’s attention.
  • The topic should be such that relevant data can be obtained on it easily (Although redundant, but immensely important) 
  • The topic should neither be too narrow nor too broad.
  • The topic should add something new to the literature.
  • It should not violate any ethical code.
  • The topic should have a practical value in the current finance marketplace.


What should I consider when looking for the best finance essay? Some tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect essay title:
  • The topic should be interesting and grab the reader’s attention.
  • The topic should be such that relevant data about it is readily available.
  • (Though redundant but very important) The topic should not be too narrow or too broad.
  • The topic should add something new to the literature.
  • They should not violate any code of conduct.
  • This topic should have practical value in today’s financial markets.

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What should be kept in mind when designing a thesis question?

A questionnaire is essential for collecting sample data for your thesis, so the wording of the question should be given great importance. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Questions should not contain words or technical terms that others may have difficulty understanding.
  • Instructions should not be vague and should be detailed enough for everyone to understand.
  • Questions should be short and to the point.
  • Answer choices should be broad enough to cover all possibilities.
  • Avoid using questions that may trigger an emotional response.
  • Questions should be in chronological order.
  • Avoid using open-ended questions.

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How does the research process for an MBA funding thesis work?

The research process is one of the most important parts of dissertation writing. This process includes such steps:

  • Discover the problem you want to solve and its definition.
  • The research design that will be followed during the research.
  • Data sampling
  • Collect enough data to ensure the accuracy of the result.
  • Data processing using advanced statistical techniques
  • Data were analysed and conclusions drawn.
  • What did you discover from this research process?

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