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Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics And Research Ideas That Will Dominate 2024 to 2025

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Today, digital marketing is among the most rapidly evolving domains, even as a subdomain of Marketing and as an individual discipline. Students are now willing to pursue their bachelor’s and master’s in digital marketing since the discipline is very engaging and has a lot of scope in today’s era. Students typically find it challenging to develop engaging digital marketing research topics to be able to finish their postgraduate level qualification, which may be challenging for them.

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Engaging Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Latest Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics For Under Graduate Students

  • The Influence of social media on Customer behaviour and Buying Decisions in the Fashion Industry
  • The role of content marketing in developing brand awareness and loyalty among youths
  • The usefulness of influencer marketing in supporting products and services on Instagram
  • The use of SEO (search engine optimisation) in boosting website traffic and sales for small businesses
  • An assessment of the usefulness of email marketing campaigns in increasing customer engagement and sales in the e-commerce domain.

Latest Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics For Post-Graduate Students

  • An examination into the usefulness of social media marketing in building brand awareness and boosting sales for e-commerce brands
  • A comparative analysis of the use of search engine optimisation and PPC in digital marketing campaigns and their influence on website traffic and conversions
  • An assessment of the role of content marketing in increasing engagement and loyalty among millennial customers, and its influence on business performance
  • An investigation of the moral and regulatory issues linked with digital marketing, such as challenges related to data confidentiality, customer protection, and online advertising practices
  • An analysis of the influence of emerging technologies, like augmented and virtual reality, on digital marketing tactics and consumer behaviour

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Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics For PhD

  • An exploration of the influence of emerging technologies on the growth of digital marketing tactics and practices
  • An analysis of the role of social media content creators in digital marketing: Their usefulness, moral challenges, and repercussions for brands
  • An investigation of customer behaviour in the context of digital marketing: Aspects impacting customer engagement, loyalty, and buying behaviour
  • How personalisation works in digital marketing: An empirical research on its usefulness in improving customer experience and increasing sales
  • An assessment of the influence of artificial intelligence and machine learning on digital marketing: Chances, issues, and future trends

Topic 1

To analyse the upsides and downsides of email marketing in catching consumers’ eyes towards products/ services in the retail sector

Aims and Objectives

The researcher wants to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing to attract customers’ attention toward a business’s products and services. It will also unravel the capacity of the business to serve more consumers at one point in time by using elements of digital marketing. Similarly, the researcher will collect information from different sources to thoroughly assess the topic under consideration. This results in the ability of marketing professionals to analyse their marketing tactics and their usefulness.

Topic 2

Assessing the excessive dependence of marketing professionals on digital content to make more sales

Aims and Objectives

To portray the overdependence of marketing professionals on digital content, the researcher will investigate marketers’ increasing priorities for creating more digital content that aids them in growing their sales. For this purpose, marketing experts will be interviewed to collect data on how digital content is helping them be proactive and making the end user happy.

Topic 3

To analyse the shift from Word-of-mouth marketing to E-WOM and its repercussions on customer behaviour

Aims and Objectives

Consumer reviews can be instrumental in helping a business succeed. Word-of-mouth marketing grows faster than positive or negative feedback about a product or service. However, the trend has only changed towards E-WOM. 

Scholars will execute a thorough assessment to show customer behaviours toward products and services through online channels. Nowadays, almost every person has internet access. The researcher will consider customer behaviour online using E-WOM and its contribution to customer orientation.

Topic 4

To understand the use of Search engine optimisation by marketing experts in the hospitality sector to increase sales and leave competitors behind.

Aims and Objectives

The researcher will talk about the significance and perks of SEO. Search engine optimisation is an increasingly popular skill that marketers can use to grow sales levels. Plus, it is among the most efficient ways to invite consumers, ultimately influencing a hotel’s performance. Similarly, scholars should contact hospitality professionals to learn about their dependence on search engine optimisation and the significant differences in their profits. They will do this by comparing and contrasting the earnings of various hotels before and after the employment of search engine optimisation to compete in a completely new way.

Topic 5

How will AI-driven marketing methods impact a business’s marketing operations?

Aims and Objectives

The objective of the research will comprehensively depend on AI-driven marketing methods to be utilised by businesses to get ahead of their competitors. The study will highlight different aspects of AI-driven marketing methods that are in line with the perks and convenience they will likely provide. Similarly, the researcher will compare and contrast AI-driven methods with those of other digital marketing techniques to understand each other’s reputation when it comes to marketing.

Topic 6

To assess the advantages provided by Big Data Analytics to the healthcare industry and its impact on patient satisfaction

Aims and Objectives

This research aims to assess the perks brought about by applying Big Data Analytics within the healthcare industry and evaluate its consequential impacts on amplifying overall patient satisfaction levels.


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Topic 7

To articulate the significance of ratings and reviews on social media platforms for increasing customer base

Aims and Objectives

The researcher will examine the importance of reviews and ratings on social media. Social media sites provide consumers with platforms where they may give feedback on items, comments, opinions, etc.

The researcher will need to thoroughly scrutinise the significance of consumer reviews on social media platforms and how well they are helping brands boost their customer base.

Buyers play a crucial role in the running of any business. However, their feedback is the number one priority of the marketing experts, who want to understand and provide them with products that meet their requirements. This will be the primary focus of the research.

Topic 8

To talk about the budgetary limitations faced by marketing experts of small and medium businesses to boost their sales via social media platforms. 

The research will discuss the budget limitations small and medium enterprises face in promoting their products and services through social media channels. The researcher will analyse the funding options available to marketing experts of small and medium-sized businesses and how well they may use them to grow their profits. In this regard, the scholar should collect information from small and medium enterprises and the issues they have managed so far in comparison to multi-national companies.

Topic 9

Why some businesses still prefer conventional marketing over digital marketing and how it has impacted the overall organisational performance

Aims and Objectives

In the current era, digital marketing is the only way of attracting consumers and has aided businesses in targeting markets that were not convenient to tap before. It’s the era of digitalisation, where everything is only one click away. Businesses are using conventional techniques to regulate their operations rather than considering modern methods. The researcher will then assess these techniques.

Topic 10

To recognise the significance of video marketing in the digital marketing tactic of a business and its influence on consumer satisfaction.

Aims and Objectives 

Video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends that the researcher will assess. The proposed research will determine how well video marketing may influence consumer priorities as video marketing varies from sharing brand videos on social media channels to letting customers shop online more confidently. The researcher will collect purposeful data from consumers to know the usefulness of video marketing in their contentment with the business. However, this will aid enterprises in getting an idea about the modifications in tastes and priorities of their consumers.


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Latest Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • How does the atmospheric effect create value for consumers and boost the purchase intention-mediating role of social media content creators?
  • Instagram advertising and customer purchase decisions: mediating role of brand perception
  • Influence of SMM and SEO methods on consumer footfall on websites and content quality
  • Influence of Facebook engagement tactics on consumer purchase decisions
  • The Impact of Instagram on the local tourist’s travel motivation
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