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As the world becomes more technological and digital, every company requires computer science engineers, data analysts, programmers, coders, and so on. This is why computer science is the most trending course for students across the globe. However, Computer science is not an easy field, as it makes students insane. Moreover, during the academic journey, students have to write various tasks and theories, especially dissertations. But before they start working on their dissertation, they must choose an appropriate computer science dissertation topic that can impress their professor easily and help them score top academic grades.   

So, if you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re looking for a computer science-related research topic, but aren’t sure how to pick the best one because of the vast array of options available on the internet. Therefore, to assist you, we at Expert Dissertation have compiled a list of trending computer science dissertation topics which will help you select a topic that truly interests you.


For every undergraduate, it is very important to make the right choice at the right time if they want good grades in academics. Below you can see some reasons why picking the latest Computer Science dissertation topics is so important:

  • First of all, if you pick a unique topic it will catch your teacher’s attention easily.
  • Second, your topic will decide if the teacher will read the content or not.
  • The selection of different and unique helps the professor analyse the research skills of students.
  • It also helps one look at the exciting topic from different perspectives.
  • Finally, professors examine the student’s efforts in the dissertation based on the topic selection.

Now that we understand how Computer Science Dissertation Topics is important for students in scoring good grades. Now it’s time to look at some topic ideas that can help in drafting an engaging dissertation.

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Computer Science is the study of computers and technological systems. It also refers to the theories and practices adopted to reinforce Information Technology (IT). Major areas of study within the field of Computer Science include project management, artificial intelligence, computer networks or systems, security, information systems, and the virtualisation of computer interfaces. Dissertation topics related to this field include:

  1. Survey of the different technologies and algorithms for parsing and indexing multimedia databases.
  2. How to visualise text categorisation with complex hierarchal structures and machine learning?
  3. What are the different tools and techniques in software requirements
  4. How to improve the value of inter-organisational knowledge management using IT?
  5. Computing a virtual model of an environment using an autonomous mobile robot.
  6. How to identify the cybersecurity challenges
  7. How to identify the best approach to perform successful System-Level Testing of Distributed Systems.
  8. How to identify the requirements of an Enterprise Content Management System for a software development company?
  9. Investigation of ‘agile project management methods’ risk management evaluation and project management tools which integrate risk analysis into project management practices.
  10. What are the contemporary challenges/ issues in database design and information systems development?


Network security deals with all activities designed to protect the usability and reliability of any organisation’s information and network structure, including software and hardware. Efficient network security monitoring access to a network, on the other hand, scanning for potential threats or attacks and preventing malicious activities on secured networks. Below you can see more dissertation topics related to hardware, network and security such as:

  1. Conducting a test lab for the performance analysis of TCP over Ethernet LANs on Windows operating systems.
  2. Potential Privacy and Security Risks when authenticating on the Internet with Electronic ID cards.
  3. How to prevent relay attacks and improve the security of smart card network transmissions?
  4. How to design an efficient Intrusion Detection System for 4G networks
  5. Discover the use of intrusion detection systems for intelligent analysis of data across multiple gateways.
  6. What are the different strategic and methodological approaches for the development of ICT systems?
  7. How to design and implement a distributed file-sharing system used for supporting content mobility and disconnection-tolerant communication?
  8. Scalable Router placement in software-defined networks.
  9. Performance studies of VoIP over Wireless and Ethernet LANs?
  10. What is the impact of signal strength on Wi-Fi link throughput using propagation measurements?
  11. How to secure data sharing in P2P (Peer-to-Peer) and Wi-Fi networks
  12. How to apply database technologies for managing network data?
  13. Fault recovery and redundancy in real-time wireless networking systems


The professionals at Expert Dissertation use their experience and expertise to help you pick the most suitable topics for your research. They do their best to provide you with the most authentic issues from which you can choose to write the dissertation. Now, the question is what steps they follow to prepare the list of cryptocurrency dissertation topics.


Computer software is like a tool that helps our computer do different things. There are many types of software. Some software, like word processors or websites, help us do our work. Other software, like operating systems, helps our computers work properly. They’re like the core of the computer, telling it how to work with the hardware. Now, let’s talk about some amazing Computer Science Dissertation Topics related to software, programming, and algorithms.

  1. Development of a web-based document management system by using markup languages like J2EE, XML and Microsoft SQL Server
  2. Development of room scheduling and work mapping system using software frameworks like Microsoft .NET Framework
  3. Implementation and evaluation of an optimal algorithm for computing association rules in certain environment
  4. Implementation and evaluation of an optimal algorithm for generating clusters
  5. Fault-tolerance analysis of sorting networks
  6. Analysis, design and implementation of web services security framework
  7. Hardware and/or high-speed computer arithmetic using the residue number system
  8. Different techniques for testing software systems
  9. Various ways to improve Open Web Architectures
  10. Event-based middleware for collaborative ad hoc applications
  11. Development of distributed software environment by using Java RMI or alternative Java technologies, where users work collaboratively on a project via the internet
  12. Develop exercise-workout tracking app on Android/iOS


The information system refers to a system of persons, data records and activities that process the data and information in an organization. And it includes the organisation’s manual and automated processes. Moreover, it also includes the technical aspect of HCI or human-computer interaction. Computer science dissertation topics for information systems include:

  1. Challenges of building information systems for large healthcare like NHS UK
  2. E-recruitment standards: challenges and future directions
  3. Change management on the web environment
  4. Changing nature of web space requirements
  5. Analysis of collaborative social network tools for the gathering and classification of information from young people/middle/old aged people
  6. Government policies toward the adoption and diffusion of ICT, including e-government services and high-speed Internet access for household consumers/citizens in the United Kingdom
  7. Impact of the web on library users
  8. Impact of Internet and cyber infrastructure on jobs and income globally
  9. Impact of Internet and Cyberinfrastructure on marketing and marketing users in the United Kingdom
  10. Different models of e-marketing services with the use of computers, networks, and the Internet.
  11. Improving HCI (human-computer interaction) by using AI (artificial intelligence) systems on mobile devices
  12. Monitoring an individual’s behaviour over social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. and developing patterns
  13. Monitoring a young person’s usage and behaviour over social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. and developing patterns


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